Register to attend Transform! now – and receive complete access to MIT Horizon’s tech education resources.

In addition to gaining entry to the Transform! @ InfoComm 2024 conference and exhibition, attendees also receive full access to MIT Horizon Essentials. Horizon Essentials provides online libraries, events, and experiences that distill technical expertise into easy-to-digest resources.

Horizon Essentials includes the latest world-class expertise from MIT and industry. The educational resources are designed to keep you ahead of disruptive technologies, such as digital transformation.

With MIT Horizon Essentials, you will have access to:

  • An exclusive library covering 14 major technologies and innovations
  • Articles, audio-articles, eBooks, podcasts, and videos
  • Curated content from MIT and across industries
  • Real-world case studies of technology today via the Horizon newsletter
  • Live online events featuring experts from industry and academia

MIT Horizon is part of MIT Open Learning, MIT's initiative to transform teaching and learning through innovative digital technology. The curated resources feature an accessible, unbiased foundation for professionals at all levels and roles. MIT Horizon is usually only available to enterprises and organizations. However, with Transform!, it is available to individuals.

The Transform! Certificate of Attendance

As part of the Transform! education experience, you have the opportunity to receive a Certificate of Attendance at the event. This certificate will unlock a discount for the MIT Sloan Digital Transformation professional certification program. To qualify for the certificate:

  • Complete the journey through the Transform! conference sessions, attending at least one session in each of the digital transformation categories (what is digital transformation, when do you need it, how do you start, how do you measure it, etc.).
  • Complete a post-event evaluation, identifying the principal insight gained at the event and how you intend on applying your learning to your organization’s digital transformation effort.

MIT Essentials is free with your Transform! conference registration. Sign up here.

Who Should Attend?

Transform! @ InfoComm 2024 is tailor-made for decision-makers and project managers at end-user organizations and technology providers across industry sectors. Whether you're an engineer or architect, educator, IT director, or a technology visionary, at Transform! you will elevate your organization's potential, amplify your impact, and transform your future:

  • Business executives and technology practitioners across industries addressing digital transformation and the convergence of the digital and physical worlds
  • Executives and practitioners tasked with getting more from less
  • Executives and practitioners tasked with carbon reduction and sustainability initiatives
  • Executives and practitioners tasked with assessing emerging technologies

Don’t Get Left Behind!

Elevate your organization's potential, amplify your impact, and transform your future. Find out how digital transformation is driving economic change. See you at Transform!

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